About Us

Christ the Answer International Ministries (CTAIM) was birthed in 1993 with the goal of helping people everywhere find their true identity, value, and purpose in the Person of Jesus Christ and live this life to the the fullest.

Jim and Shelley Christian

For over 39 years, Jim and Shelley Christian have dutifully served God in marriage, ministry, missions, and miracles — sharing the simplicity, grace, and power of the Good News in Central America, Africa, the Philippines, and across Canada.

Through teaching, preaching, prophetic utterance, devotionals, music, and seminar materials (in multiple languages), the Christians have desired to make Jesus fully known in remote and isolated areas of Canada and the world so that all may come to know the reality and goodness of Him.

Jim and Shelley's ministry includes leadership training seminars, pastors' and leadership conferences, equipping teams in practical outreach throughout northern Canada, women's conferences, and worship ministry.

Our Ministries

We believe in global reach.


Blood Covenant

Knowing the benefits the Father has given by Blood Covenant through Jesus paying the price for us.

Women's Ministry

Empowering women from all cultures to believe in their excellence and esteem through God’s eyes.

Northern Outreach

Sharing the Gospel by any and all means to under-served communities in Northern Canada.

Healing School

Knowing intimately that what God's Will is for you, your family, and friends will change the direction of many lives.